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Good behavioral habits are formed while kids are still young.

Judo primes kids for lifelong success by giving them the discipline they need to achieve their goals.


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Wall 2 Wall Martial Arts

10-17 Yrs

Pre-Teen / Teen


While there are many benefits available from youth sports, such as fun and fitness, youth sports have their greatest long-term rewards by serving as a framework for teaching youth life lessons.  What lessons can be more important for an aspiring athlete than the lessons of how to set, pursue and achieve goals and how to react when you fall short?

Because those lessons are so important, and because goal-setting is so naturally built into competition, as coaches and instructors we help our students to set the right goals, pursue them in the right way.  Everyone wants to win, and that is certainly an important goal for many coaches, but it should not be the only goal. We embrace the idea that our students have two goals: winning on the mat and winning off-the-mat by learning life lessons from Judo.


Here are just a few of the ways Judo will benefit your child, both physically and mentally:

  • FOCUS – Learning to use their eyes, ears and body in order to watch then demonstrate the techniques they learn
  • TEAMWORK – Working together in small teams or with partners they must learn to cooperate with everyone
  • CONTROL – In addition to controlling the use of their own bodies and movements Judo teaches control of others
  • MEMORY – Demonstrating the steps required to perform a technique as well as the Japanese terminology
  • AGILITY – The final integration of dynamic balance with gross and fine motor skill development
  • BALANCE – Executing the throwing the grappling techniques while maintaining ones balance is key
  • COORDINATION – Performing the various techniques stationary and later moving with a partner
  • DISCIPLINE – Demonstrating how to properly sit, kneel and stand at attention without moving or talking
  • FITNESS – A combination of strength, flexibility, endurance and overall good feeling

Progression to Teenager / Young Adult Classes

For students who are just starting Judo but would like to compete eventually, the junior’s class is the place to start.  Once they have learned the basics, they may progress over to other junior classes with instructor permission.  This class is focused on teaching Judo skills as well as teaching the competitive techniques and strategies that will help students prepare for tournaments.  This class includes rounds of various types of sparring to better allow students to learn to work their skills in live scenarios.  It is NOT mandatory that all students in this class compete in outside tournaments, however, it is strongly encouraged.

Students in the Advanced Juniors class can remain in this class and compete at all levels, from local tournaments to national championships.  Once they reach 12 years old and/or 100 pounds, the will be considered for transfer to into the adult program.

The Adult program includes choking techniques in its curriculum which is a group of techniques allowed for tournament-play for ages 13 years and older.  Therefore, students who turn 13 must move up to the Adults program.

Students moving from the Juniors program into the Adults will normally move into the Adult Competitor class.  Students who are not competition-oriented or have only been in the Juniors classes a short while should move into the Adult Technical class.

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