W2WMA Adult Learning System

Learning Judo and Jiu-jitsu as an adult is much different than learning as a child or even a teen.  At W2WMA we recognize that adults have the capability to learn faster to absorb and understand the information more quickly and clearly.  Adults should approach learning Judo and BJJ like any other education system and we have developed a system that makes it easier for you to understand the material and put it into practice.

Techniques are taught in way that makes learning more progressive, instead of just learning a technique offensively you learning the defenses, combination attacks and other factors that enable you visualize the entire technique; not just one aspect of it.

At W2WMA we treat you like an adult, it’s not a military boot camp, its supposed to fun and enjoyable.  Each student learns at their own pace with the assistance of the instructor and other senior students.

To see an example of our learning system Click Here on the link below.