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Judo: It’s Unorthodox, but Powerful

When most people think of martial arts, they picture lots of kicking and punching that they saw Bruce Lee on television. However, not all martial arts are dependent on this kind of combat.

Judo is a relatively modern Martial Art that is derived from earlier Japanese fighting styles. Judo places an emphasis on throwing opponents and subduing them via pins and locks, making it an effective self-defense form, as well as a sport that even children can participate in.

Judo’s History: Actions Lead to Reactions

Much of Japan’s modernization came at the expense of the advancement of Martial Arts. Even Jiu Jitsu, the prominent style of the time, declined in relevance. However, a man named Dr. Jigoro Kano—a teacher and student of Jiu Jitsu—saw the need to blend various styles together in a way that allowed for safer training coupled with moral development.

With that, Judo was born.

Kano created the Kodokan, the premier Judo training facility, and worked throughout his life to promote the sport. He introduced it to Japan’s teaching system and saw it picked up by the military. Soon it was spreading all over the world. In 1964, Judo became a part of the Olympics and has been a part of them ever since.

Judo: Making Size Not Matter

Kano wanted Judo, which means ‘the gentle way,’ to be able to be a competitive sport that refrained from breaking its students in two.Thus, it generally lacks the emphasis on striking common to other martial arts.

It remains an effective means of self-defense, however, by relying on throwing and flipping a larger or more powerful adversary to the ground, then applying ground combat techniques to control an opponent once they are in a position of disadvantage. Rather than relying on striking back, it allows the student to use his or her opponent’s strength against them, and subdue them without exerting undue—or unavailable—amounts of power and strength.

Judo is meant to be conservative with energy, meaning that it shouldn’t take all of one’s strength to pull off moves to stop an opponent. It’s also meant to transform the student into a person more likely to contribute to society by emphasizing discipline and increasing focus.

What Should a New Student Expect From Judo Classes?

Our Judo classes are run by World Class Sensei’s and trained Judo instructors. Rank can be determined by the color of one’s belt. Dojos, aka Judo schools, are the training locations where students practice on mats. Students, known as Judoka, wear Judogis, the white outfits many associate with karate.

A major part of Judo instruction is safety, beginning with the teaching of ukemi (falling correctly). This is critical since it is designed to prevent the student from being injured during training when they hit the ground. Other components of training include drilling, form practice, and of course, sparring, which is overseen by the Sensei.

In a life-threatening situation, the pinning techniques Judo teaches are also helpful for keeping a mugger or other attacker down without putting yourself in excessive danger. The chokeholds and body locks (at last resort, of course, since Judo is only a defensive art) are capable of restraining an attacker without having to continually try to strike them.

Judo is a strenuous martial art designed for those capable of exercising at mild to intense levels for varying periods of time. The intense nature of Judo offers the benefits that can come from regular exercise, such as weight loss, muscle gain, and a healthier heart. Flexibility, focus, coordination, and discipline can increase as well.

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Judo: Advantages Beyond The Physical

The discipline is also intended develop a stronger moral character in its students as they work to control themselves and benefit others through their newly developed skills.

As students continue to study the rough and tumble art, they develop stronger endurance, not only physically but also in life. Judo offers training in patience and perseverance when strenuous events occur and an ability to push through whatever tough times come your way.

Judo students are also able to develop better confidence and control over their actions. They can face life with training that enables a strong, solid approach to life.

Judo: The Non-Violent Way to Disable an Opponent

Judo is a form of martial arts that originated from Japan. Its grounding lies in the combat style of jiu-jitsu, which focuses on throwing, grappling and engaging your opponent in arm-locks, choke holds and ground-holds. There are a great number of judo training centers and gyms across the country and all of these provide full training in the various techniques and principles that make up this century old form of martial arts.

Is There An Age Limit?

The great thing about judo classes is that there really is no age limit! There are judo classes for kids as young as four and five and for people who are well in their eighties and nineties. Provided that you can move around with a certain degree of dexterity and that you adhere to all the rules and regulations, there’s no reason you can’t train your body to be a defensive machine! In fact, judo classes are an excellent way for school kids to build confidence, strengthen their bodies and to become disciplined and respectful.

The Health Benefits of Martial Arts

If you want to get into the best physical shape of your life, but find yourself bored and unchallenged at the gym, you should definitely consider signing up for a Wall 2 Wall Judo class! You will find yourself testing the very outer limits of your physical strength and endurance, and all the while building your mental resilience.

The health benefits of martial arts include:

• Developing dexterity and speed

• Building whole body strength

• Improving muscular co-ordination and flexibility

• Improving endurance and general fitness• Helping you to lose unwanted body fat

• Helping you to relieve tension and cope with stress

• Establish greater control and harmony between body and mind

And it’s guaranteed to keep you entertained and engaged. No gym boredom in a Judo class!

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