Wall to Wall Martial Arts has the only installed flooring system designed to increase the speed of its play and also increase the “cushion” of its mats.  Most mats are laid down on top of bare cement, linoleum or gym floors. Even though a gym floor has a 1/4 inch of hard rubber pad, none of which gives much cushion when a student lands on the mat

Our 4000 square foot mat floor is engineered to have a significant amount of “give” when landed on.  It utilizes the “Denver Dojo Floating Floor System”. This new mat-system is suspended off the floor by closed-cell foam blocks which hold up a plywood floor on top of which are the Zebra Tatami mats.  When someone lands on the new floor, the foam blocks compress and absorb much of the shock.

In addition to our world class mat system we utilize various crash and landing pads to further increase the level safety and ability to learn quickly.